The Second Appellate District Backs City Infill Exemption For Senior-Living Facility in Urban Los Angeles
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In Committee to Relocate Marilyn v. City of Palm Springs (2023) 88 Cal.App.5th 607, the Fourth Appellate District addressed Palm Springs’ decision to interpret Vehicle Code section 21101 to allow the temporarily closure of City streets for short-term events including holiday parties, neighborhood street fairs, and block parties. The court also addressed the statute

The Court of Appeal issues a significant published opinion in favor of a local government in a lawsuit that challenged legislatively imposed and under the development impact fees under the federal regulatory takings criteria in Nollan/Dolan, requirements of the state’s Mitigation Fee Act.
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Lafayette v. City of Lafayette (2022) 2022 Cal.App.LEXIS 979

A citizens’ group (Save Lafayette) petitioned for a Writ of Mandate, claiming that the project conflicts with the City’s General Plan as it existed when the project was revived in 2018.  The trial court denied the petition and the appellate court ruled that despite the lengthy

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PRIVATE LAND USE SETTLEMENTS: The potential fallout when a private side settlement agreement fails to settle your legal woes.

In 2010, the County of San Benito granted a conditional use permit for a solar project to the Panoche Valley Solar, LLC.  The project was a 3,200 acre, 399-megawatt solar electric generation facility involving up to

In 2016, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas issued this warning about legislative exactions: “Until we decide this issue, property owners and local governments are left uncertain about what legal standard governs legislative ordinances and whether cities can legislatively impose exactions that would not pass muster if done administratively.” He stated there are “compelling reasons

By Daniel S. Cucchi

City of San Jose v. Superior Court (March 2, 2017, S218066) ___ Cal.5th ___.

Citing the need to broaden the definition of “public records” to address the “evolving methods of electronic communication,” a unanimous California Supreme Court reversed the Sixth District Court of Appeal, holding that communications related to the “conduct

By Daniel S. Cucchi

Hernandez v. Town of Apple Valley (2017) 7 Cal.App.5th 194

In 2011, the Town of Apple Valley (the “Town”) circulated a local initiative called the “Wal-Mart Initiative Measure,” or in some cases the “Wal-Mart Supercenter Ballot Initiative,” which was subsequently declared null and void. Two years later, the Town noticed a