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California Charter Schools Association v. City of Huntington Park 2019 Cal.App. LEXIS 444.

Cities and counties frequently rely upon Government Code section 65858 to control land uses in the face of a regulatory or policy update.  An interim ordinance can be adopted following minimum notice and hearing procedures.  The initial ordinance is effective for

Welcome to Abbott & Kindermann’s 2019 1st Quarter cumulative CEQA update. This summary provides links to more in-depth case write-ups on the firm’s blog. The case names of the newest decisions start with Section 3 and are denoted by bold italic fonts.


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By William W. Abbott & Kristen Kortick

South of Market Community Action Network v. City & County of San Francisco, (2019) ___ Cal.App. 5th ____.

In 2014, real parties Forest City California Residential Development and Hearst Communications, Inc. (collectively “real parties”) sought to redevelop the San Francisco Chronicle building and surrounding structures and parcels

1305 Ingraham, LLC v. City of Los Angeles, (2019) 32 Cal.App. 5th 1253

On June 15, 2016, the City of Los Angeles (“the City”) issued a “Specific Plan Compliance Review Density Bonus & Affordable Housing Incentives” (the “Determination”) for a mixed-use affordable housing project. The Determination provided that it would become final unless an appeal

Riding the backdraft of the many high value tech based IPOs anticipated in 2019, a pair of Stanford dropouts (does anyone ever graduate from Stanford University anymore?) announced a new startup: “LOFFS”.   This web based application which will any turn any spare space (an unfinished attic, the top bunk in your kid’s room, the backseat

By William Abbott and Kristen Kortick

Berkeley Hills Watershed Coalition v. City of Berkeley (2019) 31 Cal.App.5th 880.

Real parties filed for approvals to construct three homes on contiguous parcels in Berkeley hills. The City Board of Zoning Adjustment found that the proposed construction qualified for a Class 3 exemption (new construction of

Welcome to Abbott & Kindermann, Inc.’s 2018 Annual CEQA update. This summary provides links to more in-depth case write-ups on the firm’s blog. The case names of the newest decisions are denoted by bold italic fonts.

A.  2017 CEQA Update

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B.  Cases Pending

There are

On December 28, 2018, the Natural Resources Agency adopted the final text to a comprehensive update to CEQA. Significant changes to the regulations include addressing global climate change and the affordable housing shortage. Significant improvements include proactive analysis of impacts for wildfires, greenhouse gas emissions, and transportation impacts. Climate change benchmarks within the guidelines were