Bill Abbott, a partner at the firm, will be speaking at the 22nd Annual UCLA Extension Land Use Law and Planning Conference at the Millennium Hotel in Los Angeles on January 25, 2008. RSVP by calling (310) 825-7885 or go to

Bill Abbott will also be speaking at the County Planning Conference "Abbott’s Annual Planning Law Update," on February 8, 2008.   Members of the California County Planning Director’s Association can RSVP with the Association via Charles Gardner at  (559) 591-2991.  For hotel reservations call Embassy Suites, Sacramento, California, at (916) 326-5000.

Diane Kindermann, Kate Hart and Janell Bogue will be speaking at the Lorman Development Approval Process Seminar on February 13, 2008.  This seminar will include a discussion on entitlements, application and development process, Subdivision Map Act and CEQA.  For more information, including RSVP details visit the Lorman website.