The California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Valley Region (“Regional Board”), held a Public Advisory Committee meeting regarding its Irrigated Lands Program on May 9, 2005. The Regional Board hinted that in the next few months it will begin sending Water Code, section 13267 “Investigation of Water Quality” letters to those that discharge from irrigated land in the Yuba, Butte, and Sutter County areas, in addition to the Pitt River sub-watershed area. Section 13267 investigations will often demand that the alleged discharger provide the Regional Board with information, documents, and reports about its alleged discharge from irrigated lands.

As a reminder, all those that irrigate land in the Central Valley and have the potential to discharge into waters of the state in a manner that could affect water quality must: 1) Obtain Waste Discharge Requirements, 2) Obtain Individual Discharger waivers, or 3) Obtain waivers by joining a Coalition Group.

For information on the Irrigated Lands Program and compliance requirements, contact our office, or visit our website at, or see the Regional Board’s website at