February 2007

By Janell M. Bogue

The California Supreme Court recently held that in specific situations, a newly incorporated city has greater discretion to reject a final map when the tentative map was approved by the county. This case is City of Goleta v. Superior Court of Santa Barbara County (2006) 40 Cal.4th 270.
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By William W. Abbott & Janell M. Bogue

Vineyard Area Citizens for Responsible Growth, Inc. v. City of Rancho Cordova (February 1, 2007, S132972) __ Cal.4th __ [2007 Cal.Lexis 748]

Few CEQA cases reach the California Supreme Court. Accordingly, it is noteworthy that the court has issued two decisions on CEQA issues in the past eight months. The most recent decision in Vineyard Area Citizens, provides added extensive guidance on the interface between water supply and CEQA. The case also provides a more limited analysis on EIR recirculation. Continue Reading California Supreme Court Weighs In Once Again on CEQA Compliance